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Years ago, I had a strong interest in the watch, and then through a lot of ways to learn to understand, the thought that only opened a door, who would have thought it fell into a vast ocean, since the out of control. As the mechanical industry, two important results, mechanical watches and cars have some similar properties, it is a lot of men's heart better, so often these two things together to analogy, which is a very interesting direction, that is, Modified. Car modification is now commonplace, people generally have a desire to play the car, that is, to be able to modify their own hands out of a car, a good hands-on people who converted two wheel, and now modified four wheel. Watch circle is no exception, there are some people, like the modified watch, not for anything else, where fun. Of course, and modified cars, it also burns money. Bamford company changed the replica watches uk Yacht Mingshi Watch is modified to Speaking of watch modification, I feel have to mention a thing, that is the earliest time, how the watch was born. We all know that watch in the last century has been popular, but specifically from which a time, the birth of the first modern watch, and then began to flourish, so far there is no recognized statement. However, the more recognized is that the real arrival of the watch, not at a point in time outbreak, but gradually popular, which watch the watch by restructuring, is the prototype of modern watch. Modified watch from the early pocket watch Left: Audemars Piguet: Omega Right: Patek Philippe The 19th century is the age of pocket watch, but pocket watch as the head is larger, portability or to be improved, and as a decorative use of the pendant watches, although small, but not easy to read, the late 19th century, it has been started in small pocket watch Case on the welding ear or "U" -type wire ear, and then fitted with a strap, modified to wear a watch. This watch from the small pocket watch converted from the early 20th century has become increasingly common. In fact, since it was able to design and produce a small pocket watch, indicating that the development of small movement R & D capacity is there, but limited to hundreds of years of pocket watch design habits, no one directly design it for the watch. Hermes's first watch Hermes's first watch, is another tricky approach, it is a small pocket watch put on a shell, the shell on the strap, you can wear on the wrist. This modification did not destroy the original appearance of pocket watch, so if the fashion design in accordance with the current concept, it can transform a lot of shape and color theory, it should be quite fashionable approach. We agreed that the two world wars in the first half of the twentieth century, because the military needed to a large extent accelerated the arrival of the rolex replica watches era. At that time, watchmakers have begun to watch the watches based on the restructuring of the structure, combined with the size of the watch to wear, scenes and habits, to design movement, case and strap, this is the true sense of the watch. Army orders, so watchmakers to mass production watch, the civilian market after the war, from the benefit, the watch began to flourish. Play modified to play the mood Watch back to the modern, watch modification and car modification is different, watch this object is too small, and too fine, whenever the internal movement caused some minor damage, may affect the quality of the whole watch, so the requirements of comparison High, and very energy consumption, modification of the watch very few people. But the modification is not a move on the movement will be on the knife, most of the time, we just look slightly modified, can bring a lot of fun. Coupled with different colors of Rubber B rubber band Rolex has more style The most common, for the watch is also a modification of the watch. At present, there are many kinds of strap, in addition to the most common belt and metal belt, as well as Nato style as the representative of the nylon belt, rubber belt. Now many brands focus on fashion and versatility, so have introduced some of the main watches can easily facelift design. One of the most representative of the brand is the ship, directly press the button on the case, you can easily remove the original strap, according to their own preferences and size, to buy the appropriate style of the strap replaced. As well as Montblanc Po Xi female form, there is a convenient replacement strap device. Nato style leather strap Nato canvas belt Nato style canvas with various colors For the strap must pay attention to the point is that the size of the first measurement of their own strap, and the type of buckle, if you want to use the original buckle, but also have to measure the good strap and strap strap junction width and Style, and then find the strap manufacturer to buy or order on the line, the majority of these in a certain treasure can be achieved. Change the strap can change the mood, this restructuring low cost, but fun. Old things new time Contact watches for a long time, many people will become more and more like antique watches or antique core, the kind of old things emanate from the time of the flu, the new object is not given. And many old items designed, good workmanship, more popular. But the old replica watches shell, pointer, disk in the long years, rarely able to save intact, but the movement is often saved a little better, so in order to prevent movement dust, give it a new set of equipment on the deserved. Take the Hamilton 917 and 921 watch movements to change the watch Hamilton 921 Movement pocket watch But I see more, generally a lot of people like to collect and Amoy some of the history of the famous movement, pocket watch or watch, and then think of ways to match to the appropriate case, dial, hands and strap, this Modification is very interesting. However, because the domestic market is too small, manufacturers generally do not individually for the private to custom, the cost is too high, so to find some of this custom service watch shop will save a lot of things, they can help to find these accessories, Change out of the general are good, that is, waiting for a long time, the type of disk and needle if the watches in full accordance with the main type, it is even more difficult. I stand the forum users to change their hands wrist The so-called master in the civil, in the country also does have some people, especially like the modified watch, they have hands-on ability to own transformation, this fun is comparable to their own watches, time-consuming Amoy various accessories are not rare thing. I have seen modified with more of the movement is mainly Hamilton 921 movement, 917 movement, Volcker's railway pocket watch movement, Piaget 9P, Longines 17L and so on. Which is suiwatches for modification, depending on its own quality is good, and then to be easy to match, or the head size, location, needle pin diameter and height, dial nail location, etc., will make matching the corresponding parts increase Difficulty. These movements, is relatively easy to match. Left: pocket watch movement to Panerai California face right: watch movement with the West to change This level of conversion, generally need to have enough professional knowledge Caixing, but also some equipment, if not ready, or find the understanding of the clock master, the relative will be easier, or high cost, big risk is not that easy Destroying finally a good movement to Amoy. Dare to move modern models are not mortal Modern models of the watch, generally speaking, because the years is not long, relative to the life of the mechanical watch, it is even a teenager it, usually friends bought after the watches, very few will start with them. But do not rule out some friends, because the original watches tired, or appearance of the damage is relatively large, or other reasons, to modify it. There are still some channels to help modify the watch, but after all the modified watches, the brand will refuse to sell, or even pay no. Bamford changed Rolex and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak oak chronograph Relatively speaking, to change the representative of the private watches is not much, at most, a custom signature or special dial, many of these brands can provide the official, be customized. But there are some third-party companies that accept modified watches. One of the most famous conversion company Bamford is very good at converting Patek Philippe, Rolex these people do not dare to move the watches, and Bamford and many design companies to launch a number of design sense of strong personality watch, and Bamford modified watch , The price is often much higher than the original price of the watch, and even turned several times. MadeWorn company changed the carved case Rolex MadeWorn is a US company specializing in the design of the modified company, but their main business is not modified watch, just because Mr. Blaine understand the design, happens to like watchess, so take the opportunity to do a watch modification. He launched the engraved version of Rolex, is really so watch enthusiasts salivate. I watch the forum watches wrist enamel wrist watch Summary: watch modification, is another way of loving watch, it is different from the collector collection watch, just like the car modification, lovers as a fun, a concept of life. Mechanical timepieces is to be worn in order to have a watches and the main story. A higher level of change in the movement, only watchmakers have this strength, just like changing the car engine, not enthusiasts can manage. (Figure / text wrist watches Wu Yibing)